Elizaveta Nadezhdina


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Elizaveta Nadezhdina
Painting, French watercolor paper, pastel, watercolor, oil pencil, acrylic-2021
Size: 29.5x39.8cm

"Ekphrasis" - A very bright, light picture, from which warmth and goodness emanate. A girl runs her business - selling flowers on a cozy street in Omaezaki, Japan. A customer just approached her, she, as if from behind a curtain of flowers and a hat opens up to him asking: "Yes?" 
Flowers, in this case - are a symbol of the human soul. When we are kind to the world - it blooms, blooms like Japanese peonies and mums. 

Artist Elizaveta Nadezhdina was born into a family of artists - Marina and Aleksey Nadezhdin of Khotkovo, Russia back in 1995. 
Graduating from the Viktor Vasnetsov Moscow Academy of Arts in 2015 she became a 5-course student at the Sergei Andriyaka Academy of Watercolors, and in 2017 was accepted into the Creative Union of Artists of the Russian Federation. 
Growing up in a creative atmosphere, an offspring of two artisitic parents - also former students of the Abramtetskovo Art School, Elizaveta was exposed to paint and creativity from birth. 

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