Shirin Shahram

2955-Pink Rose and Pears

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Shirin Shahram

Painting, Watercolor 
Size: 11W x 16H inch

Shirin Shahram_Badie 
I was born in Iran and am based in USA. After receiving my masters’ degree and working in research, I decided to pursue my love and passion for the arts.    
My paintings often reflect my connection, respect, love, and appreciation for nature. These paintings of nature are gifts from God. Nature’s colors combined with water media work together to enhance my artistic voice. The softness of watercolor and delicacy of flowers make them special to use together and truly nourishes the soul by bringing happiness, love, and peace into our lives and into the brush with which we paint.
I believe the essence of nature holds a special compassion and message for humans. It offers energy as a self-healing tool. By carrying the energy of the sun within, nature brings the innocent light into our lives. When painting fresh flowers, this positive energy with the ability to enhance, heal, and transform is transferred into our spirits. Intuitively, fresh ideas flow from the brain to our hands, freeing our creativity and shaping our thoughts, allowing us to communicate messages through tangible and visible expressions. 

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