Nikolinka Dimitrova


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Artist: Nikolinka Dimitrova
I am a very sensitive person, with very strong empathy. I always strive for perfection, as a person and as a professional. I am almost constantly learning and acquiring new knowledge and skills, both as an artist and as a person, and I want to pass on that richness and beauty to people. I want to provoke thought or touch and move. My paintings always have a philosophical intent embedded and are never literal. Each painting is a message and has its own meaning encoded in the visual elements. The title of the painting is usually the key to any visual message.

The painting is part of a diptych - "Love" & "Hate". This composition is called "Love". That state in which we have the feeling that everything around us is wonderful. The power of positivity gives us the strength to get through any task, even a difficult one. When we do something with love, it comes easily and is definitely more enjoyable. In this state, life "blossoms" around us in its full beauty. And everything looks more wonderful. Everyone has the power to choose in what way to direct their thoughts and actions. We can't 100% influence everything that happens to us, but we can choose the way we experience it, how we react, and what kind of people we become after each difficult situation. Love is one of our possible choices. The sparrow is a symbol of life itself. This little bird is always around us. Small, unassuming, but tough.

Materials and Techniques: Oil on Canvas

Excellent/ 2021
140 x 80 cm


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