Nikolinka Dimitrova

8007-Dreams and Memories

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Artist: Nikolinka Dimitrova

Have you heard people say - "when I have a house, I will be happy" or "when I do something, I will be happy", as if happiness is something that is achieved with certain conditions, meeting certain requirements. No, no material acquisition can guarantee happiness. Achieving a goal doesn't make happiness guaranteed either. It's strange to me how people constantly plan, set tasks, and shift somewhere in time that dreamy moment of happiness with peace of mind. It's like they are playing a game with obstacles and have to overcome them to be happy.
And as they run after the next goal and postpone their happiness somewhere in time, they forget to see today, miss out on enjoying it, as if it's not worthy, it's just not meant to be a "happy day".

It's the same with people who look back at the past, they constantly regret the past and some unlived happiness, as if they no longer exist. And they are here in front of you, but they are so sad that even if they have everything, they have no eyes to see it. And all this looking forward into dreams, looking back into the past is just a game of our thoughts. We can't change the past, we can't 100 percent control the future. But we are constantly fooling ourselves with our thoughts, which like magic veils blur our perceptions and swing us into a magic cradle of dreams or memories. And while existing somewhere ahead or somewhere behind in our lives, we are not awake in the present day. The past is a good thing because it teaches us and makes us who we are now. Dreams and goals are a good thing because it mobilizes me and moves us forward, but today is one day and will never happen again, let's make the best of it.

Materials and Techniques: Oil on Canvas

Excellent/ 2020
90 x 70 cm


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