Ali Esmaeillou


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Ali Esmaeillou
Painting, Mixed Media On Wood
Size: 55 x 40 cm

"An unidentified corpse nearby" 
Sometimes I watch crowd excitation, man is just a mortal effort 
An attempt to be and an attempt to identify with being . 
Sometimes it also cannot be  
Sometimes you are not what you are 
Sometimes you are just a bag full of paper  
Sometimes you are just an unidentified corpse nearby. 

Artist: Ali Esmaeillou

1982/June/21 (Tehran, IRAN) 

Painter & Architectural Engineering 

Paintings activity:
Iranian Artists Forum (IRAN) 2003 
Festival of Art center of Niavaran(IRAN) 2004 
Niavaran palace (IRAN), Jahannama Art Gallery Group Exhibition 2005 
Sadabad Art Gallery (IRAN), Group Exhibition 2005 
Sadabad Art Gallery (IRAN), Group Exhibition 2006 
Aghili Art Gallery (IRAN), Group Exhibition 2007 
Seyhoun Art Gallery (USA), Solo Exhibition 2009 
Art Center Gallery (IRAN), Solo Exhibition 2011 
Siin Art Gallery (IRAN), Solo Exhibition 2013 

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