Daniel Gibert Perez

0106-Happy Solitude

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Artist: Daniel Gibert Perez
I am an artist based in Barcelona, Spain. My works are part of figurative minimalism. I seek to communicate ideas, feelings, and emotions with the minimum possible elements. I seek to express deep ideas through flat colors in compositions where the human being is a simple spectator.
I am fascinated by the sea, the sky, and the light of the Mediterranean. My paintings seek to express the admiration of man against nature. My desire to transmit a mixture of calm, reflection, and respect for the environment.
I seek to create works that are calm, pleasant, honest, and quick to understand. I admire Caspar David Friedrich for his romantic vision of the human being against the power of nature. I am inspired by Rothko for his mastery of simplicity. Edward Hopper is also one of my influences because of his talent for composition, light and delicacy in the subjects he paints.My works have been sold to private collectors all over the world: Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Statement: The "happy solitude" consists of being alone voluntarily and finding satisfaction and fulfillment in that specific situation. Unlike unwanted or forced solitude, happy solitude is a conscious and deliberate choice, where a person seeks moments of isolation and reflection to enjoy his or her own company.

Materials & Techniques: Oil on Canvas. 

Excellent/ Stretched
38 x 32 x 1.3 in


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