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Artist: Francien Krieg
Francien Krieg [1973] is a Dutch artist who lives in the countryside in the middle of The Netherlands. She is living there with her two children and husband, working fulltime in her studio.
She graduated from the Royal art academy in The Hague in 1998, obtaining a degree in monumental art, which brought her to think conceptually and during which she discovered her fascination for the human body. Francien Krieg expressed her thoughts in these academic years with meat installations and human skins made of rubber.
A few years later, she picked up her passion for painting at The Free Academy of The Hague. She expressed her fascination for the human body in paintings with unusual body perspectives.
Soon her work was picked up by art collectors and art galleries. Her work became part of important Dutch art collections like the ING Collection and the former Scheringa collection. One of the better galleries in The Netherlands, Gallery Mokum in Amsterdam, picked up on the quality of her work and initiated a cooperation.
Francien's career development brought her works to be shown at exhibitions like the art fair Scope Basel, the art fair Realism Amsterdam, Robert Lange Studios in Charleston USA, From motion to Stillness Chicago at Zhou B art center, Townsend atelier Women painting women [r]evolution Tennessee US and recently an exhibition at Gallery Beinart named Strak realism featuring Effie Pryer and Ville Lopponen. She was nominated for the Dutch Portrait Award and shortlisted for the Figurative 2017/ 2019/ 2020 at MEAM in Barcelona.
Additionally, her work was published in the Beautiful bizarre magazine featuring a three-page article. Many articles were published with her work in online and printed magazines like: Realism today, Artists on art, The guide artists, Bold brush, Poets and artists and many more. Also, her work was part of the MEAM exhibition Women painting women and Painting today and she published a book about her work 2018.
Statement: Over the last few years Francien has created a series of paintings, which stylistically dovetail into its overall work. This interesting new series came about by the birth of her long-desired second child, Benjamin. Strong emotion is evident in all these paintings, which characterise both herself and her family. The concept of the young family is artfully explored in the light of this introspection. She says about this series: "The growth of a child is profoundly beautiful, but also something sad for me, slightly melancholic, it adds up to what is fleeting."
The series of family portraits give a new and different impetus to Francien's oeuvre. It matches the essential element of her work: she keeps in touch with her personal and primary creative urge, in which the human body is central, and impermanence is the core. Moreover, she demonstrates the growing development of her talent. The essence of all her work involves the creation of an interaction between the viewer and the painting, the hallmark of fine art.

Materials & Techniques: Oil on Linen

Excellent/ 2019
100 x 60 cm

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