Francien Krieg

0221-Echoes of Liberation

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Artist: Francien Krieg

Francien Krieg [1973] is a Dutch artist who lives in the countryside in the middle of The Netherlands. She is living there with her two children and husband, working fulltime in her studio.
She graduated from the Royal art academy in The Hague in 1998, obtaining a degree in monumental art, which brought her to think conceptually and during which she discovered her fascination for the human body. Francien Krieg expressed her thoughts in these academic years with meat installations and human skins made of rubber. . .

Statement: "The Silent Symphony of Curiosities"

She stands within the confines of a closet, surrounded by a cabinet of curiosities. These evocative creations capture a melancholic mood, revealing the inner struggle of a soul torn between her desire for freedom and the weight of her own uniqueness.The young woman, a delicate figure lost amidst the labyrinthine world of oddities, finds herself becoming an integral part of this collection of curiosities. The artifacts that surround her speak of forgotten stories and untold mysteries, their presence both fascinating and overwhelming. They become a mirror of her own complexity, their peculiarities reflecting the fragments of her own identity.

Yet, while she is entranced by the allure of these curiosities, she cannot escape the suffocating sense of confinement. The closet that envelopes her becomes a symbol of her own limitations, a physical manifestation of the psychological boundaries she feels. The solitude within its walls weighs upon her, and she longs for the vastness of open spaces, yearning to break free from the confines that bind her.

As we delve deeper into the series, we are invited to contemplate the nature of our own existence. Are we merely observers of the world's curiosities, or are we also the curiosities ourselves? Are we defined by the external forces that surround us, or do we possess the power to transcend them?

In this collection of artworks, the young woman standing in the closet serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance between fascination and confinement, between embracing our individuality and yearning for liberation.

Edition: Edition of 10

Materials & Techniques: Gyclee on Paper

Excellent/ 2023
40 x 40 cm

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