Ali Sabouki

1005-From Children of Adam Series

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Ali Sabouki
Photography Printed on canvas
Size: 100 x 70 cm

It is a piece of a series called "The Children of Adam". This series is the images of "suffering" that affects human beings in every geography. An issue that has always occupied Sabouki’s mind; Suffering and overcoming the need to be aware, to know the path and to find the existential connection of human beings to each other.The characters in this series were all born in Iran and their families have migrated to Iran from Afghanistan in the past. The situation of these immigrants in Iran has been associated with many difficulties. But their new generation is entering different artistic and professional scenes, creating different conditions for themselves.This generation may still follow a framework of their own thoughts or traditions, but this framework is not as rigid as the past; Just as we see in the photos. Eyes that have never been seen now see and are direct observers of the world.This series of photos has a different approach to women in Afghanistan. Take a look at the transition period of these children's lives in the guise of emigration and walking the path of overcoming the restrictions and veils left over from the old traditions of their fathers. I understand that this is a growing and liberating process.The colors of this series are inspired by the rich colors of their clothing culture in their homeland; Cheerful, bright and vibrant. Perhaps the narrative of this time period and the change in my photographs is a step towards a better view of ourselves and our relatives around the world. The name of this series is also inspired by the idea that we are all related from the same origin, although we live in different lands.

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