Paul Cheng

2354-Boy Playing Sand In Beach

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Artist: Paul Cheng, Oil Painters of America (OPA) Signature Member
Paul Cheng was born and grew up in Guangzhou China and studied at Guangzhou Fine Art College China, one of the most prestigious fine art colleges in China. He received his BFA degree from and taught at the same school. His paintings have exhibited at different fine arts competitions in China, Australia and the United States and has become an award-wining artist.
Paul Cheng was featured in Southwest Art Magazine in April 2013. He has worked for some main entertainment companies as a Sr. visual development artist, art director and an Sr. illustrator of gaming companies in Australia and the United States. These projects he has worked were either nominated for Oscar Best Animation Feature Film or won Oscar Outstanding Achievement in Character Design in an Animated Feature Production and an Emmy award.

Statement: I often go to the beach by the sea to see children playing, and this is one of them, on the beach, blue sky and white clouds, there are kids calls. A group of kids, desperately chasing and running towards the distance. Gold seems to be jumping and running, and it seems that it will never catch up. Until I was too tired to run, I dug a hole on the beach, and the stream slowly soaked in, first turbid, then clear, and a pool of sweet water formed when there was less neck. When the kids dug the sand pit, the sand left on their hands also shone like gold. Whenever I discover new scenes of children playing, it can inspire my painting inspiration.

Materials & Techniques: Oil on Canvas

12 x 9 in

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