René Alvarado

0363-All of the king horse

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René Alvarado
American Citizen of Mexican descent
Painting, Oil on Canvas

Size: 60 x 60 inch

The creative process is exploratory and surprising, the instinct for all art forms. It embraces that instinct of inspiration and transforms it into a craft. Along the way, I observe the craft of paintings and its narratives where I develop a democracy of inclusiveness, cooperation, and a dialogue of security of human rights. Included in these pillars of the human condition and common good, are the tools to responsibly merge political and cultural awareness. 

René Alvarado
I was born into a matriarchal community in Mexico. There I lived my first six years of life. Later, in my early years of making art my career, I vowed to give those people a platform, a voice that channeled through my instincts where I made the canvas their stage and created for them a world that was more than the societal role they were bestowed. I present them beyond their fate as mother and father. Their hardworking, selfless, and loving devotion in both faith and tradition carried them with dignity while still primitive in beauty and grace. My paintings narrate a sensitive approach of that social, political and cultural class.

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