Shima Faridani

4110-From the "Red" Series

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Artist: Shima Faridini is an Iranian artist who has experience working with different technics including acrylic, oil paint, color pencil, and also watercolor. She, who started her work with completely realistic them, gradually stepped away from any mere reality to a metaphorical method that is sometimes very direct and sometimes very personal and intuitive. Exploring the new, revelatory, and occasionally fundamental nature of considered objects and the new harmonies she creates between their visual confrontation bring her an opportunity to step into lands that are built based on an inner contemplation rather than just a mere horizons observation. In such a way, the primary perceptual light rays disappear so that re-compositions and decompositions are formed. In search of the foundations, sometimes the shell of objects cracks, but apart from these secondary demonstrations, one of the painter`s main goals is to find the answers that each work is trying to give as if each piece of art is a mirror-like question mark. Just like each of us who are the unique questions & answers standing in the middle of the world, face to face with ourselves.
Materials & Techniques: Acrylic on Canvas
90 x 70 cm


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