Fatemeh Heidarpour


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Artist: Fatemeh HeidarPour
From "Grey Carpet" Series
Statement: "The theme of my artworks is "identity" with emphasis on "individual identity" and its relation with the will, right of choice, and self-expression in the era and geography that I live in and form my lived experience, and for representation it, I use figures, objects, and animals symbolically. I think the body of any individual is beginning and end of her or his existence. It is the horizon and sign of individuality that the personality of man has root in that, we can't consider the body as a thing that doesn't affect identity. My concern begins from where this body forced by determination of geography, time, tradition, mores, visions, an identity made by others and the worse of all this, self-suppression.But the woman in my artworks as if ask about her begin and her identity, so she bears the burden of a new birth.She passes the unreasonable commands and oughts, endless ifs, the curious looks, and the hell of others, to find a new meaning for herself in deep silence, with a look that is full of astonishment, she wants to say yes to herself. she is not concern about herself although she is floating in sadness, regret, and hesitation but hopes to create new meaning for her begin in the geography where looks her with a neutral and grey look, makes her colorless, acceptor, passive, indifferent, guilty, and dependent, and takes her more away from herself by creating empty, old and false symbols.The women of my paintings in a symbolic land located between sleeping and waking up, cross from the red lights of grey-colored geography during dark nights."
Materials & Techniques: Oil on Canvas

120 x 50 cm


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