Taher Mousavi


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Artist: Taher Mousavi, (1977, Mashhad/ Iran )
BA in Painting and MA in Illustration
Summary of Exhibits:
- Group Exhibition of paintings. Bonbast Gallery. Mashhad. Iran.2021
- Group Exhibition of paintings. Ravand Gallery. Mashhad. Iran.2021
- Group Exhibition of paintings. Asal Gallery. Mashhad. Iran.2021
- Group Exhibition of paintings. 5 Gallery. Noshahr. Iran.2020
- Exhibition of paintings. Farzad Gallery. Mashhad. Iran.2019
- Group Exhibition of paintings. Dargoon Gallery. Tehran. Iran.2018
- Group Exhibition of paintings. Radin Gallery. Mashhad. Iran.2016
- Group Exhibition of  Ferdows University. Artin Gallery. Mashhad . Iran .2014
- Group Exhibition of paintings. Aseman Gallery. Mashhad. Iran.2014
. . . 

Painting, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, Framed
Size: 13.7 x 13.7 in

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