Sona Abdolazimzade

6051-Turkmen Girl

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Artist: Sona Abdolazimzade
Acrylic & Oil & Gold Paper on canvas/ 2021  
Size: 120 x 120 cm

Born in 1981 Tabriz/ Iran
Master of painting in Tehran art and architectural university
Performer of 8 solo art exhibitions
Participant of 60 group art exhibitions in Tehran/ Semnan/ Casablanca (Morocco)/ New york (U.S)/ Copenhagen (Denmark)/ Doshanbe/ Calcutta (India)

"This collection of mine is influenced by the home, nature and the climate I live in. My people seem to have been come out from Azerbaijan legends and fables. I wish my paintings to be the messanger of love, life and hope to its viewers. Solo figures and solo portraits I present are the symbol of modern day humans loneliness, while us humans are defined beside other people. A person is sole sometimes and somewhere else it turns to an us among the community and people and shines again. Women with designed hats with Iranian symbols and its mixture with gold are the signs of their beauty and divinity in life."

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