Iván Cañas

6118-Tierra Vencida

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Artist: Ivan Canas, was born in Caracas and living in Merida, Venezuela, is a cartoonist, graphic designer and Sociologist, graduated from the Central University of Venezuela. He began his artistic work as a cartoonist in Caracas in 1990, participating in various newspapers in the capital, such as "El Nacional", "El Diario de Caracas" and "El Globo". In 1997 he moved to the city of Merida, capital of the Merida State, where he continued his work as a cartoonist, in the "Educere" magazine of the School of Education of the Universidad de los Andes. In 2008, he took a turn in his artistic work, beginning to paint in a self-taught way, until, through disciplined and constant work, he discovered a passion for abstract painting, which was immediately recognized in the artistic medium for its quality in handling of technique, color and composition. Ivan Canas today has excellent and meticulous work, which has allowed him to participate in various exhibitions, both individual and collective.

Materials & Techniques: Acrylic on canvas, made with a palette knife, brush and cloth.
Size: 23 x 31 cm
With Frame: 29.5 x 37.5 cm

Conceptual Aspects of The Work "Tierra Vencida":
"Tierra vanquished" is the expression of a concern born from the paradoxical duality that characterizes our time, the imprint of a double discourse in which the greedy appropriation and excessive usufruct of the natural and human environment is imposed as absolute, implacable and destructive. In this vertiginous insatiable dynamic, the discourse of capital wants to show itself innocuous, natural and inexorable, for the "development" of society and its habitat. Today this scheme is made up with a decoration of apparent concern for the planet, which ironically is traded with subtle and reticent merchandise, which through the message and the omnipresent advertising slogan, claim to be less destructive to ecosystems, trying to convert those who pollute, in the great saviors; voracious consumption is today the therapy that justifies and overlaps catastrophe and decadence.
Today the essentials remain the same, the looting of the planet's resources with its ruthless production of residues and waste, compromises the subsistence of the earth and the species that inhabit it. Today the colonization of consciousness through the hypnotic dissuasion of the discourse of consumption annihilates our reflection and criticism, and conditions us to accept in a pleasant way and as if there were no alternative, the destruction of our hope and our existence.
On this premise "Tierra vencida" tries to be through the visual expression of the painting, a denunciation that moves us to reflection. In this work, the balance, simplicity, tranquility and rest of the inanimate or lifeless, is exposed through a basic concept of sky-earth nature, in which the basic plane, with a rectangular format and horizontal axis, gives it the greatest visual weight and its dynamic strength, to four elements loaded with texture and urban symbolism. The objective of this distribution of the elements of the work, seeks to cause an optical effect of contrast and a sensation of something with which, for those who observe it, they feel linked. In this way, the force of gravity of the earth with a capricious and strange horizon, locates for the perception, the urban icons, in contrast with an open and ethereal sky.
In "Tierra vanquished" the bright colors and certain luminosity aspire to charge the expressive set of the work with a harmony that may be contradicted by a grotesque reality such as the destruction represented by urban icons, which suggest buried buildings, remains of structures with vapors that are its last exhalations, submerged in a degraded magma resulting from our misguided greed. This work sweetens a tragedy with visual resources, in which the desire to recognize ourselves and ponder, allows us to rebuild the relationships between human beings and nature, where life and ecological times definitely guide us.

Excellent/ 2020
78 x 98 cm


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