Amir Sadeghi


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Artist: Amir Sadeghi
Iran/ Tehran
Photography Printed on Canvas
Size: 16.5 x 11.7 in
Location: Salanehsar, Gilan, Iran

Artist, Amir Sadeghi is a self-taught Iranian photographer living in Tehran. He startedphotography with analog cameras when he was a teenager, and with the advent of digitalcameras, he was able to accelerate his photography skills. He started his professional photography career at the age of 19 with news photography for Etemad newspaper, Hotel magazine and ISNA news agency, and has collaborated with the most prestigious domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines for the past 16 years.His photographs of the events of 2009 in Iran were published on the front pages of the world's most famous newspapers and magazines, including the Times, The Guardian, TheSan Francisco Chronicle, The Independent,AFP, and many other publications around the world. Amir Sadeghi is also one of the few Iranian photographers whose photo has beenpublished on the cover of the prestigious LIFE magazine. His photos are among the top 50photos in the world in 2009 selected by the Huffington Post.Also he is interested in traveling and nature photography and in the last 18 years he has visitedmany places in Iran and 11 countries in Asia and Europe.

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