Edward Karlsson

6351-Dreams of Summer

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Artist: Edward Karlsson
Digital creator, Developer, cyclist and a hobbyist filmmaker.
Photography Printed on Canvas
Size: 16.5 x 11.7 in

Dreams of Summer: 
On my way to a totally different destination where I thought I was going to shoot some very scenic pictures of a waterfall. I passed this place. This location, in the south west part of Sweden, is awonderful place to go in the summertime. To bathe and enjoy the warmth of the sunlight. This anchored raft is usually situated far out into the lake for people to swim out too. There they can play, dive or just bask in the sun. The contrast of this quiet winter morning plays abeautiful picture of serenity and peace. The raft is pulled in closer to the shore and is resting in wait for the next summer season.In the light of this winter dawn it looks crooked and old, tired and worn out but in the summer it will spring to life and bring joy to many a visitors again. In hindsight, when Ilook back at the picture Iwas able to capture at the waterfall. What really stayed with med was this surreal moment I found here at this lake.

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