Edward Karlsson

6358-St Michaels Monastery, Kiev, Ukraine

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Artist: Edward Karlsson, Swedish Photographer

Statement: Two years ago I got the opportunity to go to Kiev Ukraine for a business trip. The architecture and beauty of this city took me by storm.St Michael's monastery in Kiev stands on high ground between the Dnieper river and Maidan square, and its blue-and-white walls and golden domes are beloved of locals and visitors to Ukraine's capital.This cathedral became a place of refuge during the late November 2013, when demonstrations against the sudden decision of then Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich to scrap a deal on closer integration with the European Union in favour of stronger ties with Russia.When riot police attacked a peaceful protest in the early hours of November 30th., demonstrators fled up the hill from Maidan to seek refuge in the 11th century St Sophia's cathedral."The main cathedral became a hospital and basic operations were performed next door in the refectory church," - Father Mikhail (28), a monk at St Michael's.

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

11.7 x 16.5 in


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