Raliza Georgieva


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Artist: Raliza Georgieva
Oil on Canvas/ 2022  
Size: 174 x 165 cm

Raliza Georgieva-Italian Artist-Her researches combines theater, cinema, pantomime and painting. The themes are often very strong based on the fate of the human and his imprisonment; "The Cage" that everyone tries to break. . .


Spectrum: "...I feel alone, like a prisoner thrown into a deep well., I don't know where I am and what awaits me... "Nina's monologue. A. Chekhov" , , , Dancing between the world of theater and that of painting, I am often inspired to make a union between the two great styles of art. This work represents this woman (a self-portrait of me) running in the dark. It is represented in her solitude, running away from something that anguishes us public and behind her there is the ghostly ghost of her that is stopping her. She always turns to us; she looks us straight in the face as in Bertolt Brecht's Theater.

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