Raliza Georgieva

6654-The ghost ship "Il Vascello fantasma"

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Artist: Raliza Georgieva
Oil on Canvas/ 2022  
Size: 165 x 126 x 6 cm

Raliza Georgieva-Italian Artist-Her researches combines theater, cinema, pantomime and painting. The themes are often very strong based on the fate of the human and his imprisonment; "The Cage" that everyone tries to break. . .

Statement: I am an orphan and grew up with my grandparents. We lived in a place not inhabited by other people. A very wild place in the mountains, with eagles, and wolves, deer and rabbits. A great river... Woods...Wild places are part of my research. The village was called Debelez (now I am here and looked at my grandmother). The grandparents were fishermen, my whole childhood and marked with their tales of dangerous affairs. survival and nature are at their best here. In the night there are fireflies, huge stars and the song of cicadas... then the wolves. My grandparents taught me all human values. And my fear is that they are leaving. He is no longer there. I have my grandmother who is 90 years old. With the last light... the last hope... just like those lights on that ship, which is and isn't there... A ghost ship like my last times with her of great anguish and great hope not to lose it, not to lose "The Light".
I was also inspired by the voice of Lisa Gerard, in the song "The fantom vessel” while I was painting.

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