Raliza Georgieva

6655-Echoes and Narcissus

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Artist: Raliza Georgieva
Oil on Canvas/ 2022  
Size: 165 x 126 x 6 cm

Raliza Georgieva-Italian Artist-Her researches combines theater, cinema, pantomime and painting. The themes are often very strong based on the fate of the human and his imprisonment; "The Cage" that everyone tries to break. . .

Statement: This work was inspired by the myth of Narcissus.The protagonist here is "the Pain", of Echo's unrequited love. In desperation to try to hold back Narcissus' elusive reflection as he vanishes into the murky waters, she turns into voice, her last heartbreaking cry.And an unusual reading of the myth, personalized by the artist, as the tragedy is no longer about the disappearance of Narzis, but in the psychophysical pain of Echo. His love for her is so infinite, that in the face of her loss, she deliberately loses herself by dispersing into the air. A metamorphosis of pain into a double tragedy.


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