Tarahom Salmani


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Artist: Tarahom Salmani
I was born in 1962. In 1984, I entered the Art University of Tehran (College of Campus) in the painting filed. I was graduated under the supervision of professors such as Iraj Karim Khan Zand, Mohammad Ebrahim Jafari, Jafar Roohbakhsh, Javad Hamidi, Mehdi Hosseini, and Farshid Maleki. I participated in several group exhibitions in Isfahan and Tehran, and I held a solo exhibition at Campus College.
I presented my thesis titled "visual value of women's artwork in Moghan" with the guidance of Professor Mohammad Ebrahim Jafari. Then, I was inevitably employed in the cultural department of a government office in order to provide a livelihood.At that time, a part of my work was inevitably in the field of graphic arts. I twice won the first position in the design of the off-screen and ... at the Theater festivals and design of the volume of several books etc. One day, a friend jokingly asked me what I was painting for. I answered immediately, what should I do if I don't paint! Now that I remember that short answer, I see a great truth behind it. I really could not do anything else. That is, I was suffering [of not doing it], and in the living expression of Sohrab Sepehri, (the great Iranian painter) "suffering means being in love." They do not ask the lover a reason for love. But the point that should not be left unsaid is that I have put "honesty" at the top of my agenda in these ups and downs, and I believe that if I do so, I will never go astray.

Materials & Techniques: Oil on Canvas

100 x 70 cm


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