Arafat Hosen

7360-Street View of Old Dhaka

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Artist: Arafat Hosen
Freelance Artist and Lecturer: Department of Graphic Design & Multimedia Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology.
Grew up in Kishoreganj, North of Dhaka, Bangladesh, within a simple lifestyle among honest village folk; blessed by the abundant gifts of Mother Nature; with the green and golden rice and the vibrant yellow the mustard; and surrounded by tributaries of the mighty Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers criss-crossing the land; looking back, it is not surprising that, from an early age, I was drawn to the pencils and brushes of an artist. Painting and drawing became my passion. I have traveled around Asia, looking, learning, and creating. I have held many exhibitions both in Bangladesh as well as in Bhutan. I have my work hanging in several galleries.
My subjects frequently reflect the unique beauty and composition of rural and urban Bangladesh and its people.
I believe art is more than just paint on canvas or simply a visual communication. I see art as a universal language; interpreted and felt by all. The emotions and stories that are expressed on canvas can be experienced and understood by people of all cultures and races. Art is a language, not of words and grammar, but of common themes, colors, textures and love. Art speaks to the minds and hearts of people, perhaps, even more so than the written word.

Description of The Artwork: A street view of old Dhaka in winter morning, the view taken from isometric view to deploy the story from different perspective.

Materials and Techniques: Watercolor on Paper

Excellent/ Sep.2022/ Framed
76 x 56 cm

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