Tabitha Wa Thuku

0752-Justified Warmth

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Tabitha Wa Thuku
Painting, Mixed media on canvas
Size: 87 x 66 cm
I started creativity as a self-taught artist at tender age back in the village. 
At later years I attended art trainings and workshops to equip myself with wide ranges of techniques. I have been in art for more than 30years. 
My art has reached the other parts of the world mostly through galleries. I have travelled to some countries as an artist doing residences and exhibiting. 
I am among the Vanguard (old artists) who were recently celebrated by Circle Art Gallery. 
I am a full-time artist but I try to balance my life as artist and day to day struggle for survival. 
2002 my art was bought for the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, “it amazed me that a president can ride a bicycle to work and I created that expression”. 

"Justified Warmth"
Doing right things may not attract attention but my soul feels happy. I am addressing people in professions, no amount of money can pay for honesty but there is eternity award and freshness .

Artist: Tabitha Wa Thuku

Date of Birth: 31 October 1963 
Gender: Female 
Nationality: Kenyan 

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