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Artist: Mahboobeh Esfandiary was born September 1977 in Qazvin, Iran. After studing and teaching applied mathematics at the age of 25 she got interested in art and started to learn drawing in non academic classes and began her career in animating, background, and concept design.After graduating illustration MA, she started her job as a professional illustrator and at the same time she experienced printmaking. She has held different printmaking workshops and drawing courses in schools of art, also she was member of participants in several exhibitions in Iran, Canada, Poland, Taiwan and Italy. In addition to she has an online solo exhibition in Lysdor art page.

My world view, starts and revolves around humans and figures. The main emphasis is on humans, and the manifestation of the space surrounding the character, how it happens is aligned with their traits and personality. All the more utilizing literature, myths and lores and even 'lines of thought' I try to materialise those dreams or visions as we might see them in Our days.

My derivatives come from Life, nature, wishes, and philosophical paradoxes. The Works in themselves have a critical view on the subject and whilst doing so they express their faith in humanity through their dream-like atmosphere. In my opinion having a critical view on the subject of life would lead to us having to revise ourselves, a type of view that is integral in this time that we live in. With upshots that resonate all over our lives.

Evidently my imaginations are the world I would like to have. Bringing them into being becomes possible through the usage of abstraction or symbolism (watching the world through a window whilst being carried away by a Deer "amorphous design"). Creatures that are constantly in touch with nature, in a work whose subject is growth and a return to form.

Image Size: 20*27
Paper size: 30*40
Paper type: Rosaspina
Materials & Techniques: Etching, Aquatint, Lift Ground, Ala pope
Number of editions: 15

Excellent/ 2023/ Framed
40 x 30 cm

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