Zohreh Fatemi

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Artist: Zohreh Fatemi, Iranian Artist.

Statement: Women, Life, Freedom
This is one of the most rooted and simple desires of women. All my activities are about the women and issues related to them. I also feel the intellectual concern of the women of my country and I feel the same. The all of my pictures are a concern that every woman has in her heart and does not express. I have recorded my works in both conceptual and fine art styles, and all the photos have been recorded as self-portraits. The camera is on a tripod and I have appeared on the stage as a model. All the ideas in the photos are from my own mind, and since I am the creator of the ideas, I can definitely convey my desired feeling to the viewer and convey my words to the audience. Sometimes I have been threatened because of my pictures, but I never give up and I express all my words with my photos.We have been captured by traditions and religion that dose not allow us to reveal ourselves and seen by the world.

With the hope of "Freedom" and "Love" for all the "Women" of my country . . .
Limited Edition, 10

16.5 x 11.7 cm


Could be purchased only on "Auction Day"

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