Datis Golmakani

7965-Pure Dance 02

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Artist: Datis Golmakani, Painter and Cartoonist
Special award winner at the Turkish Cartoon Festival "Nasreddin Hodscha" cartoon festival Participation in numerous exhibitions and festivals in Iran, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Turkey, China, Mexico, Italy, France, Portugal. . . and many others others in the field of caricature as well as awards and book publications. UNESCO Art Calendar 2021. Interview with the newspaper Wiesbadenkurier Germany...


"Passing Illusion"
What can be seen in this collection is the first manifestation of the combination of colors and eerie lines. Naked figures and people without faces and without individual identity. In fact, human identity and the states of the figures express the content and meaning of movement. Sometimes they are passive in isolation and sometimes they are too tense and excited. Sometimes they look at a promising point in completely dark spaces with dark colors. This collection is an opportunity to express his feelings and create his mental image. As an artist, time and place have never affected him and he always sees human beings in dimensions other than what goes on around them and belongs to them. What is considered important is the commitment to form and uncertainty in principles. Basically, he seeks moderation in Romanticism by relying on Expressionism to better understand the depth of content and emotion. Finally, the discourse view of freedom and empirical knowledge gave him the opportunity to practice.

Materials & Techniques: Mixed Media on Cardboard

Excellent/ 2019
35 x 50 cm


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