Ramin(Ali) Imantalab


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Artist: Ramin(Ali) Imantalab, an Iranian painter and calligrapher living in London. For 10 years in Iran, my main profession has been teaching calligraphy. I also studied Iranian painting at the university. Line and calligraphy are the main elements of my works. Sometimes I integrate these elements with paint and painting and implement the feeling and theme that I want. The subject of my works includes the daily life of every human being.
Faith, love, hate, loneliness, pain, hope, despair and also politics. During the past few years, I have been researching and practicing West and East Asian calligraphy, and the rhythm of music is another thing that I am adding to my works. I usually do not use many colors in my works. Rather, I try to express my desired subject in my painting by focusing online, space and rhythm. I held my first solo exhibition in the city of Rasht, Iran in 2013, and also participated in numerous group exhibitions throughout Iran, as well as in Athens and London. Also, my first solo exhibition in Europe will be held in London in March 2023.
So far, I have held workshops in Athens and London for foreigners living in Europe, and teaching and spreading Iranian art and culture is one of my concerns and interests.

Statement: This piece's background was entirely accidental, made by sprinkling paint and pigment over the canvas. Then I used a calligraphy pen and colored inks to add textures to the painting.

Materials and Techniques: Material composition (acrylic, ink, oil paint)

Excellent/ 2021
98.5 x 68.5 cm


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