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Artist: Riccardo Mazzola
Riccardo Mazzola is a photographer whose work offers a glimpse into our society by documenting lived experiences and questioning modernity. A fine arts graduate fascinated by the magic of frozen moments, he found his way into photography quite naturally. The Berlin based photographer creates stunning images that merge views, angles, and scales, with a deep palette of an artist who has mastered his craft.
His elegant compositions convey a delicate fragility that strikes the viewer while leaving a sense of mystery intact.
Statement: Beautifully frozen in time, the images invite pause and contemplation; prompting the observer to hypothesize the existence of a past while glimpsing at the present and future, showcasing a busy world that is not meant to stop moving.
Black and white film photography.

Technical infos:
- Poster print, 190 g/m Matt Paper, Canon IPF 4100 / INKJET printer.
- High quality scan 35mm, 6774x4492 pixel.
- Analog Pictures.

Genre: Contemporary Editorial Street Photography.

Limited Edition, 100

11.7 x 16.5 in


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