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Artist: Ali Nedaei

Ali Nedaei was born in 1958 in Abadan to Malyeri parents. As a student at the Faculty of Arts, he began drawing and painting in 1984 and graduated with a master's degree from the University of Arts in 1989.For more than 20 years, Nedaei has taught in Iranian universities and participated in domestic and international exhibitions. He was a student of Mohammad Ebrahim Jafari and Mohammad Hossein Halimi, as well as a close friend of Ahmad Vakili and many other artists.

Ali Nadaei is an accomplished designer who has incorporated themes such as humans, animals, and myths into his work. His paintings have an expressive atmosphere that reflects his attention to design. Myths are interconnected with contemporary events from the heart of history in every work. To express his intention, Nedaei has included myths in his works. He has even changed the history of many myths, such as the characters in the Shahnameh. His designs are characterized by strong lines and are made more visible through the creation of figures. A common motif in Nedaei's works is the battle between man and lion, or the elements of polo and horse riding. For this reason, ancient layers are brought to life in the present. The works of this artist have been auctioned in various domestic auctions. Nedaei believes that a painter is a portraitist and a designer who implements his ideas and mental conflicts into his work. "Silent Myths," "Myth in the Fog," and "Eclipse" are some of Ali Nedaei's most famous collections.

Photo Etching, Hand-Printing, 9 Edition + 3 AP

Excellent/ 2022
35 x 50 cm


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