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Artist: Irving Gabriel Ramírez Archivaldo
Born on December 21, 1989 in Mexico City, he learned woodcut, hollow engraving and lithography in 2009 in the graphics workshop of master Enrique Flores in the town of San Pablo Huitzo in the state of Oaxaca, and studied arts. visuals in 2009-2011 at the Faculty of Arts and Design of UNAM.
He has several group exhibitions mostly focused on the discipline of drawing.He also has some honorable mentions and awards in biennial calls and competitions such as; 1st place in the competition "Seeds of artists from around the world" (Graines d'artistes du monde entier) organized by the UNESCO Louis François Center for Art and Techniques for Youth, Troyes, France and honorable mention in the "XXXVIII national meeting of young art", Aguascalientes Ags, Mexico, 2018.
He currently resides in San Pablo Huitzo Oaxaca, working as an engraver and sculptor in the Workshop of Master Enrique Flores and simultaneously producing his work which is focused mainly on the discipline of drawing.

Materials & Techniques: Charcoal on Cotton Paper

Excellent/ 2023
56 x 76 cm


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