Ali Yazdi

Ali yazdi is a self-taught Iranian photographer living in Tehran. He started photography with analog cameras when he was a teenager, and with the advent of digital cameras, he was able to accelerate his photography skills. He started his professional photography career at the age of 20 with industrial of.
He has been documenting photography for more than 10 years and on cheap trips to see the people of the tribes

  •      Group Photo Exhibition ,Qeorgia 2017
  • Solo photo exhibition, tehran 2018
  • Solo photo exhibition, tehran 2018
  • Solo photo exhibition, turkye 2019 Publications
  • The Heartbeat Of Iran / Tara Kangarlou / USA 2021
  • Photo book "Peyda va Penhan" with a group of photographers / Iran 2014
  • Collaboration in the book "Giramondo" (in English Globetrotter) / Carlo Griguolo / Italy 2014
  • Cover photo of the book "Rubans et turbans" / Armin Arefi / France 2010
  • The book "A Glimpse Of Iran" / Iran 2009
  • Photo book “My beautiful city” / Iran 2009
  • Cookbook "Turkish Cuisine" / Farda Chakraghlou Goshtasbpour / Iran 2009