Atila Soroor

Date of birth: 1979/01/08 


- Diploma in Graphics and Photography, Malek Ashtar Art Conservatory, 1995. 

- Bachelor in Drama. Faculty of Art and Architecture, Islamic Azad University, 2002. 

- Diploma in Photography, Open University Malaysia 2008. 

- Artistic activity: 

- Winner of the first prize selected by the judges of Malaysia Monorail Magazine 2009. 

- Winner of the first prize in the Memorize Photography Competition of MMU University 

Malaysia 2010. 

- Holding a solo HDR photo exhibition ,garden of the Museum of Iranian Art - Shamron Art 

Gallery 2010. 

- Holding a group photo exhibition of the death station, Ghoba Gallery in 2011. 

- Theater stage photography of " He came to me in dream", 2011 

- Theater stage photography of " The lady and moonlight" , 2012. 

- Theater stage photography of " Two and half" , 2013. 

- Holding a solo photo exhibition for the benefit of working children in collaboration with the 

popular charity of Imam Ali - Rooz Gallery on 2014 

- Industrial and advertising photography: 

Photography of Nabid Daroo Iranian Company products 2013. 

- Photography of Royan Company Agricultural Products Exhibition 2013. 

Photography of Omid Leasing Company's production line in 2014. 

- Photography of the production line of Setareh Meibod Tile and Ceramic Company, Yazd, 2015. 

- Photography of" Bar Astan e Janan" Conference, 2015 

- Portrait and advertising photography in Milad Tower, Tehran 2016-2017. 

- Photography of the smallest Quran in the world in silver and gold 2017. 

- Photography of contact lenses by Maxi Bell Company, 2009. 

- Photography of Maxi Bell cosmetics products 2020 

- Perfume photography of Artemis Company 2018-2021. 

- Photography of Quran engraving in copper and gold 2018. 

- Photography of Engine Oil of Premier Oil company, 2018. 

- Photography and design of Pars Gol Narges Company detergent product catalog 2020.

- Photography of the production line and factory products of Abtin industrial Company in 2020. 

- Photography of Marquetry work in Azadi Gallery 2020. 

- Photography of anti-theft doors of Akbari Industrial Company 2020. 

- Photography of musical instruments of Anzan Music Company 2021.