Frank Baquet

Born in 1964 in Sieglar; he lives and works in Troisdorf. While studying economics and business administration (1985 to 1993), he already worked as a freelance photographer and designer. In 1990 his first works in the field of artistic photography came into being. 

Since 1993 he has taught photography and digital image processing and heads the Kunsthaus Troisdorf. A member of the German Society for Photographic Art Printing Processes; awarded the Art Prize of the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis in 1995, the Art Prize for Photography of the City of Brandenburg in 2001, the 2nd Art Prize Wesseling in 2009.

“His demands are directed towards the specific aesthetics of photography. On the one hand, his images frustrate our ingrained and largely photographically-implemented habits of perception and under- mine the alleged security of the ‘as it is’ of photographic images. On the other hand, instead of the usual spatial orientation of the common stock of photographic images, he wants to open up new possibilities of spatial experience.

Ultimately, these images are more appropriate for experiencing a rather unclear and confusing everyday reality than mathematical images of space as in conventional photography, where each detail has its fixed place. Frank Baquet seeks to close ranks with painting. He sees himself as a painter who avails himself of purely photographic means; not least because it is used in an inflationary way and is primarily inflamed by the dissolution of the hard contours of the photographic visual language. Baquet, however, is not concerned with external, with phenomenological associations.”