Huseyin Ak

Huseyin Ak has been painting since his childhood although he didn’t have an academic education of art. His amateurish approach on painting has turned into passion within years. He continued with his works while studying in Istanbul and London, also participated in several mixed exhibitions. After 1995, he spared more time for his art practice and got deeply attached into the world of colors. He creates paintings of oil and mixed media where interaction of certain objects and human body (mainly woman figure) is usually the theme of his artworks. He aims to create an imaginary world by using mixed colors as background on canvas. The purpose of artist is not to generate a new style, but rather to present the audience a bouquet of colors by blending live and inert figures with various colors.

The main issue examined by the paintings centered on the female body is the rejection and destruction of patriarchal and social relations by women themselves. The practical execution of this rebellion is possible with the unconstrained experience of bodily pleasure. Images of the eroticized female body are thought not as the fantasy object of masculine gaze, but as the only means and focus of hearing worldly pleasures. In other words, women who want to be oppressed by concepts attributed to sanctity such as virginity, fertility and motherhood return to their passions, become worldly and violate male-dominated boundaries.

Passions find their expressions with symbols of music, dance, food and drink as well as bodily giant. The large color scale and dense paint used in the background represent both the spiritual plane in which this practice of liberation is fed and the imagination of a new system of gender.' In this universe, whose founding subject is women, there is no place for oppression, borders, masculine domination, violence and death.