Huseyn Kangarli

I was born in the village of Khok, Kangarli district of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic and by taking "Kangarli" artistic name known as Huseyn Kangarli.

I want to paint my soul with love of art, love and compassion and raise it to such heights that I want to reach even the people living in the most remote villages, forests and mountains and become a symbol of joy, inspiration and love for them.



"Bluebird" Solo Exhibition, RoomBaku Fine Art Dine & Wine
"Art Zone" 5th Symposium Masalli, Azerbaijan
"Art Zone Week" 6th Symposium Tovuz, Azerbaijan
"ARTIM", YARAT Contemporary Art Center
"Music and Painting” Project and Performance, Baku Music Academy "Aggression Against the Museum”, ARTIM - YARAT Contemporary Art Center "Küknar", Heydar Aliyev Center
"Khojaly Tragedy", Baku - Berlin Gallery, Germany

"Germany through the eyes of an artist", NAR Gallery, Baku “AZNAR”, Union of Artists of Azerbaijan
"Artists' Day", Azerbaijan Artists Union
"Germany through the eyes of an artist", Baku - Berlin Gallery, Germany



I was inspired by Charles Bukowski's poem "Bluebird" and likened the human spirit to a blue bird, chose this name for his exhibition.

Huseyn Kangarli's exhibition "Blue Bird" embodies people to follow their dreams, to pursuit the nourishment of one's soul, and one's inner freedom.

In this exhibition, I used pink, blue and black colors, those colors which were given gender meaning by society. At the same time I touched the topic how the society used to give forms to human being.

I am calling people not to cage their inner potential and dreams but vice versa open the cage and live their lives as a whole way.