Ivetta Ki

Ivetta Ki, was born in 1984  in the family of a muralist-sculptor. 
Graphic artist and philanthropist. Lives and works in Sochi (Russia) 
Ivetta graduated from the art college in Chisinau, department of sculpture. Ivetta is a participant of numerous group exhibitions in Russia, and more than 30 personal exhibitions.  This artist is not engaged in sculpture, she has found her own original graphic language, and is successfully engaged in painting and graphics. She has an original style in which she has been working for more than 25 years - modular graphics. Ivetta Ki's art attracts attention not only by its explicit, impromptu freedom of self-expression. She has mastered a kind of stylistic direction, which can be defined as "modular ornamentation".

This style was born spontaneously by the author, but the creativity of the Sochi artist and graphic artist itself belongs to postmodernism in terms of artistic features. After all, it is in postmodernism that the task becomes not a direct reflection of the real world, but the creation of its own model, in which the image or character is subjected to a game reinterpretation, in which the transformation of reality, passed through the author's consciousness, takes place.

Membership in unions of professional artists:

  • reative Union of Artists of Russia 
  • International Federation of Artists
  • Sochi Organization