Javad Soleimanpour

Javad Soleimanpour was born in Tebriz, Iran, in 1965. He is now a Turkish citizen living in Istanbul.
Soleimanpour is an artist who has been a self-taught painer. He has extraordinary painting talent and solid painting skills! His style is full of colors and each painting contains a strong style and strong emotions, which is touching! Currently focusing on the creation and teaching of oil painting and Pastel painting.

Javad Soleimanpour in 2009 won first place in the Landscape and Interior category in Pastel journal 100.
In 2013 he has made portrait of all presidents of the Turkey with the demands of the presidency and currently they are showing on the presidential complex.

Javad Soleimanpour's paintings took the highest honors in the 22nd Annual Pastel 100 Competition.