Katarzyna Pander-Liszka

Katarzyna Pander-Liszka (born in 1970, Zabrze, Poland) interior designer, collagist, painter. 
When describing her artistic approach, Katarzyna declares that through her art, she wants to reach the observer’s emotions and to share the inflow of creative energy she feels herself when transferring her inspiration onto the canvas. It is the very technique, as a means of expression, that inspires me the most – she says. Painting with resin epoxy, a demanding material that puts constraints on the artistic vision, requires a planned approach to every project to satisfy the artist’s creativity. I am fascinated with the interdependency.  

Katarzyna Pander-Liszka graduated from Art Accademy “Studio sztuki” in Warsaw, where she studied painting and interior design. She worked for many years as an interior designer. In time, her artistic side took over and she started to create interior decorations in the form of collage. She gained experience in this field in Italy and USA, where she was a member of National Guild of Decoupers, supporting the traditional art of collage. 

The artistic journey finally led her to discovering a new field – resin epoxy painting, which became her favorite form of expression.  
Feel free to join Katarzyna’s unique world of painting.