Kazem Yousefi

Job Experiences:

Independent and freelance photographer

Teaching photography at cultural associations of immigrants in Tehran

Teaching private photography in Iran and Afghanistan

Cooperating with the Immigrant Cultural Assemblies and the Embassy of Afghanistan in Tehran

Assistant director in several documentaries and short films

Imaginer in the rasa production
Training and courses:

Professional Photography Course under Professor JAFAR EDRISI and Mrs. NSIM YOUSEFI

Professional Imaging Course in Iran Cinematic academy.

Experimental Film and Documentary Course with Professor JAFAR EDRISI

Research on the liberation of art

Management and Procurement Workshops in DRC  2018
Introduction to theoretical concepts:

  • Journalism, Photography, Concepts and Philosophy of Art
  • Communication, cinema and film, critique and analysis of art and literature.
  • Management and planning

Cultural, artistic activities:

Photographic Exhibition at Tehran Idea Gallery 2012

Photo printing in the magazine of visual arts statues 2012

Participate in several festivals and festivals of foreign and domestic photos

International Hipa Park International Festival 2014 and 2015

Photography Exhibition in Herat 2015

Group photo exhibition in Iran and abroad 2013

Exhibition of Afghan Photographers in Iran 2018

Group Exhibition of the Association of Photographers of New Oran Afghan 2020

Participation in the UNESCO Photo Festival for Afghanistan in 2016 and 2017

Winner of art grant (SRCI) silk road cultural initiative of Agha khan trust for culture(AKDN) b y supporting (SDC)  2019

Solo photo exhibition (Staggered) in Herat province 2019  and 2020

Participate in culture and art festival Kabul  2019

Making( Cheek point ) short film 2020

Cinematographer of (short solution) short film 2020

Winner of the third place in the short film of the Arbaeen international film festival 2021

Assistant director of ( unanswered call ) theater 2021

Cooperating with IPSO international, AFGHANISTAN 2019, 2020, 2021