Maryam Salman

Born on April 28, 1968 in Tehran
Field of study: Art, Architecture and Handicrafts
27 years of experience in teaching visual arts and handicrafts
- Member of the Artists Association
- Member of Watercolor Association
- Received a certificate of appreciation from the governor, mayor and city council (as the first rank in creativity)
Participate in the Veterans Biennial and receive a commendation plaque
- Participated in group and solo exhibitions in Iran, Germany, Qatar, Kuwait, USA, Italy, Spain, Armenia and Canada in 1984-2012
- Received a plaque of appreciation and medals from UNESCO and the Greek Ambassador
- Author of the book (from Gothic to postmodernism)
Publication of the work in the book of the eighth city
Published in Contemporary Active Women in Frankfurt
- Publication of the work in Qatar Art Magazine
History of group and individual exhibitions
2021 Golestan Group Gallery
2021 Mora Gallery, Group
2020 Cultural Committee of the Iranian Congress in Canada
2020 UNESCO Niavaran Cultural Center, group
2020 Golestan Group Gallery
2020 The fifth biennial of Alborz province, group
2020 Adrian Gallery, group
2019 UNESCO, Italy, Rome, Group
UNESCO, Qatar, Group
2018 Margo Gallery Spain Malaga, group
2018 Gallery of Sirus Ghaem Maghami Alborz, solo
2018 Annual Exhibition of Alborz Province Veterans
2018 Laleh Gallery, Tehran Group
2017 Annual Exhibition of Alborz Province Veterans
2017 Laleh Gallery, Tehran Group
2017 Nahavand Gallery Tehran, solo
2017 Alborz Artists House, solo
2016 Alborz Artists House, solo
Milad Hall, solo
2006 Shah Abbasi Caravanserai, Alborz Province, group
2006 Mahestan Commercial Complex, solo
2006 City Council Meeting Hall, solo
2005 Parsian Complex, solo
2005 Fallah Race Hall, group
2003 Alborz Province Environment, solo
2000 Staring at Masih Daneshvari Hospital, solo
1996 Carpet and kilim exhibition, group
1994 Iranian House in Frankfurt, Germany, group