Magdalena Jurkowska

MJYUNKO – Magdalena Jurkowska, Polish-German New Age expressionist painter and performance artist.
MJYunko or Magdalena Jurkowska – great-granddaughter of Robert von Schleicher (brother of former chancellor Kurt von Schleicher who was killed by the Nazis) has been painting all her life even adorning her elementary school with her paintings. Due to circumstances beyond her control she rather entered the School of Artistic Textile Design in Krakow, Poland. Despite that even her projects contained large paintings on her designs. 

MJYunko studied under artists like professor Zdzisław Żmudzinski and was recently awarded the Grand Prix of the ROK Czestochowa art exhibition in June 2020. 
As a New Age expressionist painter she is inspired by her daily life, her dreams and the experiences and history of her family.