Mohammad Fassounaki

Born in Tabriz .in 17 December 1944 

Entering in music school, Tabriz in 1959 

Entering in Mirak visual art school, Tabriz in 1961 

Graduate from Mirak visual art school, Tabriz in 1965 

Living Iran for Germany in 1967 

Entering the evening state art school, Frankfurt in 1968 

Entering the art University of Rome. Painting option in 1970 

Studying sculpture in the same university. Rome in 1972 

Return to Iran . teaching in Mirak school ,Tabriz in 1973 

Joining the berlin syndicate of painters. In 1977 

Resigning from Mirak art school, in 1981 

Leaving Iran for Berlin, in1984 

Return to Iran in 1986