Nima Javan

I'm Persian painter artist based in London and born in 1986. I began painting at childhood and self-educated until age 24 that I went to art college and graduated bachelor of illustration in 2013. After that I studied master of painting and graduated in 2017. my thesis was 'The influence of German expressionist painters on Iranian painters'

I was painting teacher about 6 years and working with tate liverpool as an assistant artist in tate workshops

Individual exhibitions:

'Portrait of actors' in ershad gallery in 2011.

'Paper eyes' in afarinesh gallery in 2012.

'The contrary world' in ehsan gallery in Tehran 2014.

'The bubbles switch to red' in aban gallery in mashhad 2016.

'Incredible world' in willesden gallery in London 2022

Group exhibition:

'The frameless thoughts' in soroush gallery in 2013

'Insight' in bridewell gallery in liverpool 2021

Cosimo art in London July 2022

Muse at Candid Arts gallery in London


Collective team in Tate liverpool in December 2019 

Talking picture in Tate liverpool in march 2020.

Artist assistant in Home from home in tate liverpool in may 2021

Art prize.