Nima Javan

7978-The Ideal Planet

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Artist: Nima Javan
I'm Persian painter artist based in London and born in 1986. I began painting at childhood and self-educated until age 24 that I went to art college and graduated bachelor of illustration in 2013. After that I studied master of painting and graduated in 2017. my thesis was 'The influence of German expressionist painters on Iranian painters'.I was painting teacher about 6 years and working with Tate Liverpool as an assistant artist in Tate workshops.

Statement: I created many types of animals and creatures. These creatures belong to Iran and are symbols for defining human roles. Considering the current situation in Iran, I started a new project to explain the current events of Iran and human rights, but from the language of animals. In my opinion, animals have a simple and attractive language to represent reality. The colors I choose in my work are derived from my personal mood. Happy and fantasy colors to create social concepts in today's world.

Materials and Techniques: Acrylic and Polymer on Board

Excellent/ 2022
77 x 108 cm


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