Abushariaa Ahmed

Born 1966 in Sudan.1986 -1990 (B.A.) of Fine arts, College of Fine & applied arts, Sudan University. A member of the Sudanese Artists Association, the Drawing Society. Like many of his friends he left Sudan in the mid-nineties and settled for some years in Nairobi. After a short stay in Cologne, Germany he came back to East Africa and he lives since several years in Kampala, Uganda. 


  • Sudanese Ministry of Youth & Sport - Art Competition (2nd Prize). 
  • Shrilly Stephen, grand prize for the best framed art work 1998 

Permanent Exhibitions, Collections 

  • Ministry Of Culture, Government of China. 
  • African Museum of Art Seul, Korea. 
  • Paa Ya Paa Art Centre, Nairobi. 
  • Sarang Art Gallery Nairobi. 
  • Shibrain Art Centre Khartoum, Sudan. 
  • Art Collection of the World Bank, Washington DC USA. 

Workshops & Residencies 

  • Insight china, Beijing, Naiman. China 2016 (one month). 
  • Sudan as a forum of the Arabic & African culture, organised by the Sudanese National Corporation For Culture & Arts (Painting). 
  • Paa Ya Paa Arts Centre, Nairobi - Kenya (Etching) with the Swiss Artist (Uegen Banzeger), one month. 
  • Paa Ya Paa Arts Centre (Two years artist - in - residence) - Paa Ya Paa Arts Centre (Watercolours - onemonth). 

Art Auctions:  

  • Artcurial (Morroco) 
  • Alahfad University Art Auction(Khartoum) 
  • East Africa Art Auction (Circle Art Gallery) 
  • Sudanese Art Auction (Nairobi) 
  • Bonhams (England) 

Solo Exhibitions 

2019 Tribal Art Gallery – Nairobi, Kenya 
2018 Red Hill Art Gallery – Nairobi, Kenya 
2017  Tribal  Art  Gallery  –  Nairobi,  Kenya 
2016 Dabanga Art Gallery – Khartoum, Sudan 2016 ThorupArt Roskilde, Denmark. 2015 AKA Gallery, Kampala. 
2014 AKA Gallery, Kampala. 


2020 Art Abudhabi 
2020 Art Joberg 
2020 Afriart Gallery – Kampala – Uganda. 
2020 ARCO LISBOA International Contemprary Art fair. 
2017 Contemporary Sudanese Art show, Circle Art Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya 
2017 Contemporary Art exhibition – Almarkhiya Gallery – Doha, Qatar 
2016 Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China 
2016 Hiwar Gallery, Khartoum. 
2016 French Institute, Khartoum. 
2015 Umoja Gallery, Kampala. 
2014 Red Hill Gallery, Nairobi. 
2013 AKA Art Gallery, Kampala. 
2012 Dabanga Gallery, Khartoum. 
2010 Power Right, BirkeroedGl.Praestegaard, Denmark. 
2010 Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 
2010 Art Monaco, Monaco. 
2010 Two Man Show at Libau’s Gallery, Germany. 
2009 Tampere Art Museum, Finland. 
2009 East Africa Art Biennale, Dar es alam, Tanzania 
2009 World Bank, (Africa now) Washington DC, USA. 
2009 Group of 6 Sudanese Artists, Tulifanya Gallery, Kampala 
2009 3 Group shows of Ugandan Artists in Denmark. 
2008 Round Tower, Copenhagen, Denmark. 
2008 A Baunhoej Moelle, Grenaa, Jutland, Denmark  
2007 Art Festival, Cuttbus, Germany 
2008 Lofoten Kunsthage, Norway. 
2007 East Africa Art Biennale, Dar es salam, Tanzania. 
2006 African Art Now, Kopenhagen, Denmark. 
2005 Jensen Gallery Sydney, Australia. 
2005 East Africa Art Biennale, Dar es alsalam, Tanzania. 
2004 Sudanese Artists for Peace, Tulifanya Gallery, Kampala 
2004 AfricArt, Berlin, Germany. 
2003 Ramoma Art Museum of Contemporary Art, Kenya. 
2002 Broadway Cinema, African Film Week, Cologne, Germany 2001Take Away Kunst, Darmstadt, Germany 
2001 Sharjah International Art Biennale, UAE 

1997 National Meusum of Kenya 
1997 Take Away Kunst, Darmstadt - Germany. 
1998 Deutsche Welle, Koln, Germany. 
1998 The Art Fair "Village Market", Nairobi. 
1998  French Cultural Centre, Nairobi. 
1998 United Nation Development Program, Nairobi. 
1996 Jacaranda Tree Exhibition, Nairobi. 
1997 Gallery 68 Church Street, Cape Town- South Africa. 
1997 Contemporary Sudanese Art in Kunstsalon, Koln - Germany. 
1996 Collective Exhibition, Paa Ya Paa Art Centre, Nairobi. 
1996 Community Arts Day - Paa Ya Paa Art Centre, Nairobi. 
1995 Rise With The Sun, Women & Work in Africa - Canada (Travelling Exhibition) 1995 Goethe Institute "Sudanese Contemporary Art", Nairobi. 
1994 Mennonite CentralCommittee(U.S.A.) (TravellingExhibition). 
1994 Paa Ya Paa Art Centre, Nairobi. 
1993 Swiss Embassy, Khartoum. 
1993 30th Anniversary of Organization of African Unity (O.A.U.) - Addis Ababa Ethiopia. 
1993 International Charity Exhibition, Khartoum. 
1992 Hilton International, Khartoum. 
1992 "Arabic Calligraphy Festival", National Corporation for Culture & Arts, Khartoum.
1991 1st Cultural Anniversary, Central State, Wadi Medani - Sudan. 
1991 Hilton International, Khartoum. 
1990 Meridian, Khartoum. 
1989 Sun Set International, Sudanwide (Travelling Exhibition). 
1987 College of Education, University of Khartoum. 
2013 Redhill Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya. 
2013 Mojo Gallery, Khartoum. 
2012 Sting Cafe, Norway. 
2011Tulifanya Gallery, Kampala 
2010 Solo Show at AfriArt, Kampala 
2009 Liebau Galerie, Burghaun, Germany. 
2009 Tulifanya art Gallery, Uganda. 
2008 Tulifanya Gallery, Kampala 
2007GallerySonntag,Cottbus, Germany 
2005 Tulifanya Gallery, Kampala 
2004 Tulifanya Gallery, Kampala, Uganda 
2003 Erdle Gallery, Cologne, Germany 
2002 Tulifanya Gallery, Kampala, Uganda 
2001 Goethe Institute, Khartoum, Sudan 
2000 One Off gallery, Nairobi, Kenya 
2000  French  Cultural  Center,  Nairobi,  Kenya 
1998 Swiss Air, Nairobi - Kenya. 
1998 Swiss Air, Nairobi - Kenya 
1998 One Off Contemporary Art Gallery, Nairobi - Kenya. 
1996 Contemporary African Art, Koln, Germany. 
1996 Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi - Kenya. 
1995 One Off Contemporary Art Gallery, Nairobi - Kenya. 
1994 French Cultural Centre Khartoum - Sudan. 
1994 College of Fine & Applied Arts, Khartoum - Sudan. 
1993  Hilton  International,  Khartoum  -  Sudan. 
1993 Mora Gallery, Khartoum - Sudan. 
1991 Meridian, Khartoum - Sudan. 
1987 College of Fine Arts, Khartoum - Sudan.