Behnaz Love

I am Soul as a divine part of God. Soul exists because God loves It. I am a spiritual designer, artist and teacher. I have a golden heart and I am on my new adventure of life. In this physical world, I was born in Tehran - Iran. Educated at different universities earning two bachelor degrees: Graphic Design and  Product Design. I also did postgraduate study of Shoe Design and one Master of Business Administration. I studied a one and half year PHD-level in Design. 

I created my own high-end women's shoe business (2013-2018) in Barcelona with my own two brands (Parselona-Hiumans).   

I have lived in Tehran-Iran, Famagusta-Cyprus, Barcelona-Spain, Vancouver-Canada and now Nosara-Costa Rica. I was reborn in 2019 by moving from Barcelona to Costa Rica. I've been living in an amazing  small town called Nosara next to the Pacific Ocean. My new Soul adventure started consciously. 

I love nature, plants and animals. I love to live next to water as a river, lake, sea and ocean of love and mercy. I am living each movement through my awareness.

I love to use natural materials, garbage, and recycling in my painting. I have a huge respect for the environment. I learn a lot from nature and I give my love to the environment by collecting garbage from the beach, forest and using it in my artworks.

In COVID time, to be at home gave me the opportunity to understand that everything has a very symbolic message: Stay at home means to be in the center, live each moment by beingness and look to my inner, in my heart to create my world inwardly which is then reflected outwardly.

I am following The Path of Spiritual Freedom and I am full of love.
I facilitate other souls to create their own golden world by some techniques spiritually and artistic. By how we live our life, making art, we are the masters of our creation.

Every day is magic
Every moment is magic 
Life is magic
Who makes it magic?
I make it magic & adventure
By what I think, fell and act
My imagination is powerful
My feeling is strong
I know life is celebration
Soul exists because God loves it
God is love