Asefeh Asefi

Asefeh Asefi is an illustrator and digital artist who holds an M.A from Azad University of Tehran. She had several solo and group exhibitions both in Iran and Canada. She also has worked as an illustrator and graphic designer in well-known magazines in Iran and Canada. All these experiences have helped her to become an artist with a unique style.

When Asefeh was a kid, she was enchanted by an old animation. The protagonist was a small boy: The only resident of a city he had created with his own magic pencil. This pencil had given the boy a power to tunnel into the walls, discover the unknowns behind them, make nests for birds, reach the moon and even create playmates just by drawing simple shapes and lines. 

From Asefeh’s point of view, it was an envious experience. She always wished to be like him.

As an illustrator she had insufficient experience with a variety of mediums, but it was the spell of her fantastic magic pencil (apple pencil) that turned her into a digital artist. By using it, she could discover various layers of the imaginary world of circuses, games and cards as well as the dark, humorous world of medieval art. Moreover, It was how her WISH finally came true.