Kayvan Kaseb

In my view, photography could be an art of observation in order to find something fascinating in an ordinary place. I was born in Sanandaj in west of Iran in 1985. In addition to my major as a software engineer, I have been participating in various arts and cultural activities, such as photography, painting, calligraphy, and theatre from my childhood.

I have always had a special passion about art because I can be able to inspire my emotion to become the best version of myself as a human. Moreover, I have been traveling more than half of the world due to my study and work. To collect these enjoyable moments throughout my journey all around the world, I decided to take pictures professionally.

My pictures are more relevant to travel, nature, and city life. To be more precisely, travel plays a prominent role in my life, in particular in photography because of remarkable impacts on my imagination and creativity. As a matter of fact, HDR technique has been utilized in most pictures by using my own software in order to create colorful and attractive images.

As a result, I have held some exhibitions, especially in photography in the best art galleries in Tehran over recent years, like Iranian Artists Forum. In addition, I have always tried to share my experience with others by teaching photography at different institutes in Tehran.